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With a common obsession for landscape photography, and a long term friendship, Joa & Dani started as photography amateurs. Later, they found a hidden passion for capturing the innocence of babies and kids. In October 2008 Joa & Dani Photography was born; specializing in custom, stylized, whimsical shoots of babies, children and families and loving to capture the little smiles, the newborn curls, and the wonder in the babies’ eyes along with the child’s innocence and personality and the family’s love and affection. Simple yet very artistic photography. They are dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of magic, an observer of tiny moments and a collector of memories

Based in Miami, Fl, their goal is to make each of their photoshoots a fun experience, especially with the little ones. They believe the best way to achieve beautiful photos is to make the kids feel comfortable in a fun atmosphere where the they can have fun and enjoy their photoshoot as much as Joa & Dani do.

Joa & Dani have been friends since forever. It was only natural that they would come together to do something wonderful someday. They laugh, They fight, they cry together. They can honestly tell you this is the most challenging and the most fun thing they have ever done. This is them. They are Joa & Dani Photography

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